Wednesday, May 1, 2013

dave smith instruments

I was in San Francisco recently and had the pleasure of stopping by the office of Dave Smith Instruments. These guys are arguably making the best synths in the world right now, and they let me demo the soon-to-be-released Prophet 12. This synth is an absolute monster with a ton of features, and they seem to have really developed the display on this model to make it as user-friendly and visually pleasing as possible. You can actually see how the waveforms change as you are adding and subtracting oscillators and effects.

I also noticed a busted-looking Moog in the office and when I asked about it, the engineers told me that it's actually the first Moog Dave Smith ever owned, and it essentially led him down the path to becoming the awesome synth mad scientist he is today. Thanks to all of the DSI guys for being super nice - I'd highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the bay area!

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